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    Indoor Pickleball

    Indoor Pickleball

    With so much rain and snow throughout many parts of the country this is a good time to remind everyone of the many available indoor Pickleball facilities. Although most people prefer the fresh air and sunshine of outdoor play a little rain or snow should not stop you from playing.

    The good news is that there are some advantages to indoor play besides the obvious factor of avoiding rain, snow, wind and cold. They include the fact that indoor play is usually on wood flooring which is easier on the knees and joints than concrete or other hard surfaces. Also because of their relatively small size Pickleball courts can be readily installed in gyms, YMCA’s and other indoor venues (See Article on setting up a court). There are many dedicated indoor courts throughout the country.  They are often available only during certain days and times. Most community websites will list both available facilities and Pickleball schedules. Be aware that a different type of ball is used indoors to accommodate the different conditions of play and will usually be available at indoor facilities.

    So – Happy Pickleball – rain or shine!