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    Is Pickleball Good Exercise?

    Is Pickleball Good Exercise?

    The answer to this is a resounding yes! As with just about anything there is an "it depends" element to this as well. In the most literal sense you are moving, moving is exercise and you are burning calories and getting your "cardio" in.

    The degree of exercise depends on the players you are playing for and against. A "social" game is going to give you less exercise than a "competitive" game. On a Fitbit or similar device, you can tell the difference. In one example of social games lasting for 60 minutes a player burned 385 calories whereas in more competitive play the same 60 minutes might burn more than 600 calories. Compare this to 60 minutes on an exercise bike at a moderate to vigorous pace which typically burns between 175 and 200 calories.

    When you compare Pickleball to going to a gym it’s no contest from a number of standpoints You are out of your house and not cooped up indoors. You are usually out in the fresh air, you are meeting new people, you are building a sense of camaraderie and in some cases even a sense of community. These can be just as important as mere physical exercise. A few games of Pickleball are way more fun that walking on a treadmill or any of the other "boring" options at your local gym. In fact, at most gyms people don't like doing the cardio machines because of the pure boredom factor! Pickleball is not boring and will have you on your toes the whole time and that is no matter the kind of game you are playing. As far as we know very few people look forward to getting on a treadmill! Having said that Pickleball and going to a gym are by no means mutually exclusive and many people combine the two to get the best of both worlds.

    It should also be noted that Pickleball is a form of whole-body exercise. This game requires the use of just about every muscle in your body, including some you never even knew you had! Compare this to only moving your legs on a treadmill. Some assume that just because a Pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court it is much less exercise because there is less running. Not true! The smaller court means less time between shots and more rapid reactions and movement. The smaller court combined with the relatively low impact also means  less wear and tear on knees, hips, ankles and joints. For people who have these kinds of problems but still want a racket sport to be active, Pickleball is a very good choice.

    In summary Pickleball is  a great way to combine good fun and friendship with healthy exercise!


    Six Ways To Play Pickleball

    Six Ways To Play Pickleball


    Most people assume there are two ways to play Pickleball – Singles and Doubles (Duh) – but they would be wrong. Creative players have devised some other ways including the following:

    Diagonal Singles: Sometimes 2 players would rather not have to cover the entire court without a partner. Something that works quite well is to play “diagonally” meaning that after serving to the opponent to the side of the court diagonally across form the side of the court where the serve is initiated, which is always the case, the players must return balls thereafter only to the side where each player starts off on any given point. If not, the ball is considered out of bounds and the point is lost. (“Skinny Singles”).   Sound confusing? The only issue is keeping your wits about you to adjust to the constantly changing boundaries.

    Three Players: When there are only 3 players at the court, they sometimes get tired of waiting for a fourth in hopes of playing doubles. There are at least 3 ways that 3 players can play together.

    • One against two with one player taking on two opponents and covering the entire court on his or her side This works best where the one player is at a higher ability level than the two others.
    • One against two where the two players have to hit only diagonally to the side occupied by the solo player at the beginning of each point, otherwise the ball is considered out of bounds and the point is lost.
    • Rotation system (“Australian Doubles”). : Each time a point is scored the players rotate so that each player gets a turn at facing the other two. In this scenario the 3 players keep their score individually. The player serving announce the score at each point reciting his score first followed by the other two.(“Australian Doubles”)

    We are sure there are yet other ways to play limited only by the imagination of the players involved – all adding to the opportunities and fun of the sport.





    Pickleball Therapy

    Pickleball Therapy


    Feeling anxious? Feeling stressed? Play Pickleball!

    Pickleball provides welcome relief from the day to day grind most of us experience. It is an extremely convivial and friendly activity. When you set foot on a Pickleball  court the other players are enjoying the sport and the good feelings are contagious.

    Sure – it can get competitive and you can become upset with that unforced error or failure to score on what should be an easy shot, but any bad feelings disappear quickly as you move on the  next rally. You will find that your fellow players are a friendly lot. Pickleball “snobbery” is virtually unknown.

    In an era  of constantly being “connected” the sport provides a temporary respite from the daily barrage of phone calls and emails. Besides the joyfulness of the sport it provides many health benefits to both mind and body as a part of a regular exercise regime. Pickleball is a relatively low impact sport and is thus easy on the joints and less like to cause injuries than many other activities.

    So – get off that couch, get away from that computer and TV, get off the phone and play Pickleball. We promise you’ll love it.

    Indoor Pickleball

    Indoor Pickleball

    With so much rain and snow throughout many parts of the country this is a good time to remind everyone of the many available indoor Pickleball facilities. Although most people prefer the fresh air and sunshine of outdoor play a little rain or snow should not stop you from playing.

    The good news is that there are some advantages to indoor play besides the obvious factor of avoiding rain, snow, wind and cold. They include the fact that indoor play is usually on wood flooring which is easier on the knees and joints than concrete or other hard surfaces. Also because of their relatively small size Pickleball courts can be readily installed in gyms, YMCA’s and other indoor venues (See Article on setting up a court). There are many dedicated indoor courts throughout the country.  They are often available only during certain days and times. Most community websites will list both available facilities and Pickleball schedules. Be aware that a different type of ball is used indoors to accommodate the different conditions of play and will usually be available at indoor facilities.

    So – Happy Pickleball – rain or shine!